The Mugdown donated $800 to Twin City Mission as part of its “Reverse Campaign Donation” drive. In February 2017, The Mugdown launched a...

The Mugdown puts Student Body Election Campaign Budget to a Better Use



COLLEGE STATION  —  The Mugdown announced today that it donated $800 to Twin City Mission as part of its “Reverse Campaign Donation” drive.

In February 2017, The Mugdown launched a write-in campaign, encouraging students to “write-in The Mugdown for literally every position in Student Government.”  The campaign was a statement on the excessive nature of student elections to reach a very limited amount of students, many of whom take the campaign process entirely too seriously.

In an interview with Texas A&M’s student newspaper, The Mugdown’s Editor-in-Chief—who uses the pseudonym “North by Northgate”—told The Battalion, “Everywhere I looked, I saw students wearing shirts in support of a [student] candidate, and it crossed my mind that most of these students are wearing a shirt that will be obsolete by the end of the week,” North said. “It dawned on me: What if we turned a wasteful expense into a way to make an actual difference?”

The Mugdown donated its entire t-shirt budget to the cause and solicited donations via the “Elect The Mugdown” microsite. Contributions from members of the Texas A&M community, long with the assistance of an anonymous donor who offered to match all donations, made it possible to donate $800 to Twin City Mission in Bryan, TX.

Twin City Mission is a non-profit that provides shelter, meals, clothing, household items to those in need across the seven counties in the Brazos Valley.

Tracy Moore, Program Director of Donations at Twin City Mission, told The Mugdown, “We love the Reverse Campaign Donation drive idea … we are honored that [The Mugdown] would think of Twin City Mission and support the work that we do.”

For more information on The Mugdown’s 2017 Reverse Campaign Donation, contact the External Relations Editor.


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