The Mugdown is home to satirical content, videos, events, and more at Texas A&M.

History of The Mugdown

The Mugdown was started in January 2014 by a group of six students with a simple idea in mind: to confront the status quo of Texas A&M and challenge the thinking of the Texas A&M community by delivering relevant satirical news. This group of students agreed that the student body of Texas A&M often takes itself too seriously and that there were flaws and trends on campus that required discussion. The primary goal of The Mugdown, as an organization comprised of students, is to better the university by being the first to laugh at ourselves as Aggies and recognize our own weaknesses. The Mugdown was created as an avenue to discuss those topics.

The Mugdown Today

The Mugdown has grown to a staff of over 20 writers and editors. While our primary goal is to write produce daily satirical content, our staff members work to produce a wide variety of multimedia content, ranging from stunts to videos to events. In 2016 we produced Corps of Cadets: The Musical, an entirely student-run production that raised over $34,000 to veteran causes.

The Mugdown has focused on relating to the student body through our presence on social media. Through our daily online and semesterly print presence, we have established ourselves as a go-to source for campus news.

Since our founding, our staff remains anonymous during their time as members of the organization. The reason for anonymity is simple: we have a freedom to satirize subjects with whom we might be personally connected and the flexibility to tackle sensitive topics. In addition, it restricts the amount of outside influences from third parties who are seeking to convey an opinion through our publication.

The Mugdown fills a niche that was unfilled at Texas A&M for decades, and we are proud of the work we’ve done to challenge our readers to think.